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Chapter 2: Information Gathering

2.1 Introduction

This chapter discusses The Students’ Performance Management System for the administrator teachers and students use. This chapter compared and identified the difference between four universities, including literature survey, related topics and discussion of the way to solve the problem.

2.2 Literature Review

2.2.1 Background of the students’ performance management system

Development in the world, the database is the development of computer technology from the early 1960s. After 40 years of development, database technology has matured. Web database have great changed in the Internet environment,Common web database is ORACLE, Sybase, MS SQL Server, Informix, as well as Universal Database. Showing a variety of data applications such as digital libraries, online information retrieval system, electronic publications, e-commerce, distance education system, so there are more and more requirements to the web database technology appeared. Meanwhile, with the construction of the campus network of domestic universities, system development based on the application of the Internet is booming and plays a larger role. For example, many colleges and universities online enrollment system, school management information systems, etc., are based on the campus network applications. [1] According to UNESCO statistics, in 1998 the world has been established site university over 4500, the data indicate, there are more than 420 universities in the United States to establish the online virtual schools, the creation of more than 200 specialized courses. The number of people learning through the network is increased more than 300% annually. This indicates that, based on the application of the Internet to the campus network deep into all aspects of the campus.[2]

2.2.2 Overview

The form of students' performance management system

The student status management work is the importance that the school manages the work to constitute the part, student the student status management work mainly is a student management of basic circumstance, the management, the examination management and customer management of student's result. The each management mold pieces include the data importation and modify, delete, annex, search etc. function, student status management the system wants and can complete these functions efficiently and accurately, and to attain the interface beauty amity, use the convenience. Therefore design the student status management system is realization to basic circumstance of student, student the result examination manage and overall management that customer manage.

2.3 Comparison with the design of various student information management

2.3.1 Compared with the traditional student performance management

With the development of computer information technology, network communications and other high-tech, Put forward higher requirements for the management of college students, to require student management system to further the development of student management information system. This not only allows teachers freed from the tedious things, but also to provide a fast, flexible, convenient and intelligent service for students.

Using the system can greatly improve efficiency, save human resources, improve the management level of the college administration. It is conducive to promoting the the “paperless office” process of the college students management.

2.3.2 Student information management design 1

Performance management system can be roughly divided into two major modules, First, students basic information module, which should contain the basic information of the students; Furthermore is the course management module, the module should contain information on student achievement inquiriesand processing, such as grade point average, the best score, worst score and failing students of statistics and functional modules. Design environment: Microsoft SQL Server...
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