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A hotal management system is required for the library function. It contains the database of the student profile and the books and the member profile. It is beneficial for the helping the librarians to work on the system. With the introduction of the system it gives the new data creation for the maintaining the records of the book s, which is available in the library and helps it to take all the information such as date of issuing of book date of returning the book and fine collected. it also helps in the student profile which keep the record of the student I’d. Student name student father name, student father’s name, and his address. The library management system is also beneficial because of following causes:1. it reduces the work of paper 2. This system is faster and easy to handle 3. The data become more secure 4. it gives the platform to both the reader as well as librarian 5. through this one library may connected to the other library of the world through internet 6. it also started a new library system of using the den-let

As far as the new system concerned it gives the total information about the library abut user about books too. |

1. Microsoft xp2 2. Ms Access 3. Visual basic MICROSOFT XP2 provides the operating system to the library managing system It provide the platform to the ms office and security through password and antivirus It is the advance version of the operating system which provide the platform and marinating its quality it also used in the information system This is the main frame to the update technology it provide the best features which is given below: this is the best operating today in the world  it operates in the any system of update technology  it have faster speed processing  with clear visibility  it is easily available in the market

MS ACESS is helpful in the creativity of the database. A database provides the all the information to the related topics with helps of the TABLE and Query which is through SQL (structural query language). Ms Access is useful because of following causes: MS Access provides data base to the library management system.  Ms access also provides the query  It is easy to handle |

 It have enough security i.e. needed to develop the library management  It is easily available and easy to purchase  It is best up to 300000 lines ,which is enough for the library system VISUAL BASIC provides the view side of the library management system. visual basic is the front view of the library management. The main causes of the using the visual basic are as following: V.B. provide the front view  It easy to purchase  It is easy to operate  It is the best way to deal

Hardware required for the library management system is as following: Display adopter  Key board  512 ddr2 ram  Centurion duo processor  945 gl chipset  80 GB hard disk  56 kbps modem |


1. PROJECT OBJECTIVE: To develop a project which maintain booking of rooms and handle account of a hotel 2. PROJECT FEATURES: 2.1 HOTEL’S ROOM INFORMATION: It provide User to easily search about room’s availability , its type, category & easy updating of the room’s records. 2.2 BILLING FACILITY Operator, using this project can easily generate the bill for the customer, He need not make any calculation for it 2.3 REPORT GENERATION This feature help in easy maintenance of record of customer & their report Generation 2.4 PASSWORD PROTECTED This feature provide privacy to customer’s personal detail information |

2.5 DIFFERENT LOGIN LEVELS This feature provide protected login at different levels. 2.5.1...
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