Management - Swot Analysis (on Maker Studios of Youtube)

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The Assignment (Question)

Management paradigm today is all about the contingency or situational approach based on the ever changing business environment. Organizations are constantly affected by the external environment and must adapt or influence the environment in order to be efficient and effective.

Choose any international or local MNC or SME. Make a SWOT analysis of this organization and explain how it is affected by the external environment. Write on how this organization can utilize the 4 functions of management in order for it to be efficient and effective. Include conclusion and recommendations. You must use terms found within the study of management and are encouraged to look up various textbooks and journals to find these terms and to gain additional knowledge on management through exploration.

Introduction of the company

If you were to be familiar with the functions of Youtube and have been surfing the site for quite a while, you might have heard of the company named “Maker Studios” quite a bit. This company consists of major Youtube celebrities like ShayCarl, LisaNova, KassemG, iJustine and even the top subscribed Youtube content maker, RayWilliamJohnson.

To the audience who uses Youtube for other functions such as “how-to” videos or music videos of their favourite stars, they might wonder, what does this company actually do? On the other hand, to people who have shown much interest into killing mainstream television programmes with internet through Youtube would understand the major functions of Maker Studios. Maker Studios specifically is talented in creating videos of the two widely accepted genres: Comedy and Music. They create filming sets, music studios, green screen areas and even an editing office for their employees in Venice, California and the upcoming New York City branch.

As quoted from their website, it was mentioned that they receive 70 million subscribers and 650 million monthly views across more than 400 channels (Cited: ) and thus is one of the Youtube Partner Channels in the Internet Media Business in the States aside Vevo, the top partnership channel with more than 59, 709 thousand unique views in the year 2011 after generating over 844 million videos in the site itself according to Will Richmond on the 22nd of August 2011 on (Cited: SWOT Analysis of the company

| |Analysis | |Strength |The strengths of Maker Studios is such that they gather all the talents throughout the internet media and help them | | |make their videos and find sponsorships and viewership for their creations thus allowing people to fulfill their | | |dreams yet not having to worry about making a living. As quoted from one of their investments portfolio in | | |, “the company has developed unique insights into what kind of content works best with YouTube | | |audiences and how to cross-promote and move audiences around its network” (cited: | | |, it thus supported the efficiency in catching up with the | | |constantly shifting trends of the internet and intelligence in hiring talents into the company in its complicated | | |business sector which attempts to forge deep connection with audiences all over the globe. (Cited: | | | | |Weakness |An evident weakness of the company is such that...
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