Management Styles in Management of Business

Topics: Management, Decision making, Government Pages: 2 (498 words) Published: March 5, 2013
Type 1 Autocratic Style
Autocratic type of leader is called an Autocrat. He does not consult his subordinates (followers). He takes all the decisions by himself. He also takes full responsibility for his decisions. The subordinates must obey him without asking any questions.

Type 2 Consultative Style
Consultative type of leader has an open mind. He encourages his subordinates to give their suggestions and comments. If these suggestions and comments are good, then he will accept them. So this leader consults his subordinates before taking a decision. However, the final decision is taken by the leader. Therefore, he takes full responsibility for his decision.

Type 3 Participative Style
Participative type of leader encourages his subordinates to take part in decision making. The final decision is not taken by the leader himself. It is taken by the group (team), i.e. by the leader and his subordinates. The leader gives his subordinates full scope for using their talents. He is loyal to them. Therefore, they are loyal to him. They obey his orders willingly. They have a genuine (real) respect for him.

Type 4 Laissez-Faire Style
Laissez-Faire style of leader is passive. He only acts as a contact man. He provides information and resources to his subordinates. He believes that the subordinates will work best if they are left alone. Therefore, he gives them complete freedom to take theirown decisions. He allows them to plan and organize their own work. He allows them to set their own goals and to solve problems on their own.

Type 5 Bureaucratic Leader
Bureaucratic leader follows all the rules and formalities of the organization. He does not believe in new ideas. He wants his subordinates to follow all his orders. This leadership style result in red tapism and unwanted paper work.

Type 6.Neurocratic Leader
Neurocratic leader is highly a task oriented one. He wants to get the work done at any cost. He gets very upset if there is any failure. He is very...
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