Management Style

Topics: Management, Vice President of the United States, Conflict Pages: 3 (1025 words) Published: July 8, 2011
Running head: TOUGH GUY

Tough Guy
Allen Gaudinier, Jessica Hetrick, Tabitha Nelson
Sullivan University
Managing Organizational Conflict
Dr. Arango
February 20, 2011

Tough Guy
Jeremy Frazer is an associate in investment banking that has to work with Chip Mazey the vice president. Mazey is a disgruntled vice president that was never polite and refused to take no for an answer. However Frazer is faced with the challenge of confronting Mazey about his behavior, but he is concerned if Mazey deny his behavior or do not think there is a problem. Frazer is also worried if he should escalate his issues with Mazey’s boss about the stories his coworkers had shared. Frazer has gathered all this information on Mazey which has almost been liberating, but he must decide on how to handle this situation without jeopardizing his career. Chip Mazey will have to change his management style. Currently his management style is known as competing shark forcing. Forcing indicates a desire to meet your needs and a lack of interest in the needs of the other person involved in the conflict. Mazey is using his power as vice president to coerce associates in doing what he says. This style of conflict management produces a win and lose situation where Mazey would win and the associates will lose. However, if Mazey changed his characteristics in ways such as not always having to get his ways and listen to the associates ideals, that would be beneficial for everyone. Next Mazey should not ridicule associates for their lack of knowledge or background from where they live. He should help associates to expand their knowledge and give them positive feedback which can motivate associates to do their best and making associates feel good about their accomplishments. Next Mazey would have to change his way of thinking by making his self feel vindicated while making the associates feel defeated. He can do this by taking the blame for his mistakes if he know he is...
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