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  • Published : March 10, 2011
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Management Styles
Barbara Seabert
Dr. Carolyn Hix
December 14, 2010

Advantages and Disadvantages of Management Styles
The autocratic leader dominates team members and makes decisions on their own without seeking or allowing input from group members. Autocrats set timelines, tasks and then asks for suggestions. This approach has limitations but it can be effective in certain situations (Dunn, 2007). The advantages can be more group productivity while leader watches, the group can make quicker decisions, and sometimes the group will task themselves as it is quicker and will push the group (Heath, 1994). The disadvantages of the Autocratic leader can make more group hostility, more dependence on leader, more apathy in group, and slower execution of decisions (Heath, 1994). Paternalistic

Paternalistic managers make decisions in best interests of workers after consultation (Dunn, 2007).A good example of paternalistic management would be if you have ever watched David Brent or Michael Scott running the business in the fictional television show The Office. The leader explains most decisions to the employees and ensures that their social and leisure needs are always met. This style can be highly advantageous when it engenders loyalty from the employees, leading to a lower labor turnover; staff feels their social needs are being met thanks to the emphasis on social needs, a more of a two-way communication so motivation increases (Vroom, & Jago, 1988). It shares disadvantages with an autocratic style, such as employees becoming dependent on the leader. Another disadvantage of the paternalistic management is it can slow down decision making, and it still can be quite a dictatorial or autocratic style of management (Vroom, & Jago, 1988). Democratic

The democratic leader makes decisions by consulting a team, while still maintaining control of the group. The leader and...
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