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An autocratic style of leadership is when a leader makes a decision alone. The leader conveys the decision to staff and they have to work within the scope of that decision. For example, in order to deliver good customer service, managers instruct all staff to follow Enterprise's guidelines for dealing with customers.

Douglas McGregor in 1960 used the terms Theory X and Theory Y to identify two very different forms of management style: •A Theory X manager tells employees what to do and supervises their work. This involves using strict controls within the business. This reflects an autocratic style. •In contrast, a Theory Y manager believes employees want to do well. The manager provides individuals with the opportunity to take control of their work. They can contribute towards solving a problem or issue. This helps motivate them to do better. Enterprise needs its employees to use their skills to deliver high levels of customer service. This means an autocratic management style is inappropriate in daily routines. A branch manager sets the standards for the team but encourages team members to be flexible and responsive to each customer. This ensures that customers get the service they expect.

However, there are many examples of autocratic style in use at Enterprise. These relate to issues which affect the whole organisation or which are central to the business. For example:

Andy Taylor insisted all branches use ESQi, the customer satisfaction measure, because it met the business objective. In order to gain commitment to using the process, employees had the prospect of promotion when they achieved high scores. This was a big motivator for staff. •When the Senior Vice President of European Operations at Enterprise decided on the company”s diversity programme, employees were clear that this decision was compulsory and not an option. •The Vice President of Corporate Communications for Enterprise established an environmental committee. Its aim was to...
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