Management Skills and Entrepreneurship

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  • Published: March 16, 2013
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Management Skills and Entrepreneurship

Project Plan for - ‘’ YY Supermarket ‘’
Feasibility Analysis and Preparation of Business Plan

Name: Joanarc Jeyarani Kulandairaj
Date: 17 October 2012
LSC ID: L0257KDKD1012


I would like to thank my Prof. Tatiana Pavlovsky for her continuous guidance and support throughout this assignment and this could not have been completed without her help and support. I would like to express my gratitude to my Professor Dr Rajendra Kumar for making the concepts and setting up the expectation crystal clear and that helped me a lot to apply them for development of this assignment. I would like to thank all the survey respondents who provided me with their invaluable inputs that helped me to structure this assignment and the business plan. I am also grateful to Mr Anand Kothandaraman – Land Broker and Mr. Gregory Titus Advertisings for providing me with valuable inputs to the retail plan. Finally I would like to thank my spouse, children, family and friends for their continuous support and encouragement to complete this report successfully.

Table of Contents
Executive Summary7
Company Overview8
Map for Irumbuliyur9
Source of Funds12
Legal Requirements12
Business Concept12
Supplier Information13
Key Food and Non-Food Supplies to YY Supermarket14
Key Business Opportunities for YY Supermarket14
Marketing Strategy for YY Supermarket15
SWOT analysis of the project16
Business Market analysis17
Expectation from the new upcoming YY Supermarket19
How long people would to like to commute for shopping19
Chennai peoples using the same supermarket or different ones20
Products expected in the supermarket21
Facilities expected in the supermarket21
Challenges from the customer view point22
Types of services expected in the supermarket22
Age group of survey participants23
Organization Structure24
YY Supermarket...
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