Management: Setting Goals

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1. In your university, professors likely have objectives regarding teaching, research, and service to the university. From your perspective, what are the relative priorities of these three objectives? If you could, how would you change these priorities and why?

I think that the top priority of the professors is research. Professors had to do research to generate leading-edge knowledge. Moreover, they can find the right and fun ways of teaching by doing research. For example, my marketing teacher makes learning an extremely fun activity by implementing outside sources such as videos and pictures into classroom lectures. He does not get those ideas straight from the textbooks instead he does researches to find those outside sources. On the other hand, professors that don’t do research will teach straight from the text and makes lectures boring and dull. Therefore, their second top priority would be teaching. Teaching always have to follow immediately after Research. Because they need research in order to provide quality teaching. Then the last priority would be service to universities. I think teaching is already considered as providing service to the university, therefore other extra service to the university by professors would be of choice, such as providing tutoring during office hours. I don’t think it’s a requirement of the professors but it will sure be a plus.

4. Thank about the last goal you set for yourself. How SMART was it?

The last goal I set for myself was to lose ten pounds in two months, which I don’t think was a smart goal. Because I wasn’t specific enough in setting the goal, losing 10 pounds is too vague. I should’ve state the goal in specific terms such as eating healthy or exercise more in order to lose that weight. Moreover, the goal itself was too unrealistic. I was too naïve to think that I could lose 10 pounds in two months without rebounding. I should’ve assumed a more realistic time frame which might be five...
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