Management Roles

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Management Roles in a Small and Large Company
David Lee

Management Rolls in a Small and Large Company
BAE Systems is a multinational defense giant who employs close to a hundred thousand across the world, from the United States to the United Kingdom to Australia and many countries in between (“BAE Systems Locations”, 2012). They develop a wide range of products and services for numerous programs for both the military and private sector. They cover land, sea and air and range from unclassified to highly classified projects. One of the most well-known ventures involves the building of Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers (“BAE Systems”, 2012). BAE believes in strong core values including trust, innovation, and boldness. They pride themselves on the success that following these values has brought them and work hard to instill them on their employees (“What We Stand For”, 2012).

The hierarchical organization of BAE is very complex due to the massive size and various locations across the world. The Executive Committee is a diverse group of 12 men and women of different backgrounds covering all aspects of the company, from the Chief Executive and CEO to the Human Resource and Finance Director (“Executive Committee”, 2012). These positions branch off into different sectors run by Vice Presidents including Cyber & Intelligence, Electronic Systems and Security to name a few ("What We Do", 2012). Under each Vice President are Directors for different divisions followed by Managers and Group Leaders.

This hierarchy has been very successful for BAE Systems and led them to being named one of the top 3 defense companies in the world ("Defense News Top 100 For 2011", 2012). There is a very clear chain of command at BAE and upper management is constantly involved with the day to day operations of the company and addressing employee concerns. Weekly updates are sent out talking about upcoming changes and addressing employee questions. The CEO even has her own blog...
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