Management Research-Survival of Restaurant Industry in Recession

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"Will Restaurant industry survive with current Economic Recession In United Kingdom?” “As Budget hits Recession …Bucks are in congestion…Belly’s locked its Dine-out fun!”


This economic downfall is a shock for the people who are up in the profit ladder, challenge for the owners in the middle and caution for the starters about to climb. This economic downfall though had swallowed profits and credits of various fields. It has feed numerous profit counts for the media, as it is the seasonal hit topic for them to deal with, to give news and earn quid out of it. The Restaurants so called the ever green Industry is now facing the spring, losing its greens in fall. The fast food restaurants under the shade faced no pain while the fine dining faces quake in their quid’s. The restaurants to survive are not an impossible deal but a challenging issue which could healthily survive following the balancing factors and basic techniques.


To hit your target, the restaurant Owner must ever plan the cost line to be fair and which is normally 60 to 70 percent of the revenue in total which includes the wages, food and beverage cost, expenses, insurance, electricity, utilities and the monthly bills. To take a keen look at controlling the food costs, a key technique can be used with other utilizing factors known as Menu Engineering. It is nothing but planning, choosing, listing, pricing and appraising the menu sheet.( Michael L, Donald I ,1982) The regular formula of ingredients cost price being the quotient when divided by the menu price is followed is continuity basis. But menu price lesser than the food cost is the menu planning methodology which contributes a margin to the food cost. Listing the menu based on its popularity and pricing it parallel to its demand will equally help for uplift. .( Michael L, Donald I,1982) To evaluate the items sold with periodic maintenance of account will work more for profit. Thus to organize the menu affordable both by customers and the owners profit properly is the hit list menu.


The highly effective marketing is nothing but impressing the guests in to your restaurant. The hospitality and timely attention with delightful recipes would not only enhance them but also let to welcome them again with other customers to whom the restaurant was being recommended. This real customer attraction tactics will deeply assist for the food concern’s profit. To retain the customer is less consuming than to expect new customers which would be obvious, if the regular are retained. The conservative ideas of the presentation, recipe and in decoration will win the profit race. (John F, 1997) Invite, Impress the new guests, introduce your elements and concept of the food menu u provide. Get noted with the impressed consumers and welcome them more warm , when they retain and please serve them with privilege and initiate for your delicacies for their choice. For a long term commitment, a greet note in mail for their special days would enhance them and retain them with more customers as well. Conduct, food festivals, discount combos, delights by upgrading the trend and season equivalent to the audience majority of food choice .Before the food service begins, just a piece of note about your restaurant built and thought history, facts about the food served, which would explain the calories that is contained and how healthy the food is, which will obviously please the customers. (Michael F Jayne G , 2002) A crayon and paper for the accompanying kid which will make them adore awaiting for their dinner rather than getting bored.


In 1000 people survey 27 percent confirmed that their first wind up in spend list is the restaurants and dine outs. The French...
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