Management Research Project: Retail Banking and New Growth Opportunities

Topics: Bank, Central bank, Fractional-reserve banking Pages: 78 (24149 words) Published: July 14, 2009
Management Research Project
Retail Banking
New Growth Opportunities
Submitted in Partial fulfillment of the requirements of the MBA programme of the ICFAI B School-Ahmedabad


Submitted to:Submitted by:
Prof.Meetali SaxenaBiswajit Pattajoshi
ICFAI B School


I am highly indebted to Prof.Meetali Saxena ,for making me contemplate for taking this project area , and unforgettable support and co-operation all throughout the project.

I would also thank prof.Naishadh Mankad,for his guidance,management insights in banking and sharing his experience and knowledge.

I would also thank all the faculty members ,for making me think and act and personnels at IBS-Ahmedabad.

I have learnt a great many things from my friends ,their support available willingly to me.

I would be grateful to Prof.P Bala Bhaskaran for accepting my project area and making me learn this interesting sector.

| | | | |Sl No |Table of content |Page no | |01 |Introduction |04 | |02 |Changing face of Indian Banking |05 | |03 |Inorganic growth of various banks |09 | |04 |Innovation and technological change |14 | |05 |Basel II framework |19 | |06 |Management practices in banking |22 | |07 |Managerial communication |30 | |08 |Decision Making |39 | |09 |Asset /liability model for Insurance Co |52 | |10 |Inclusive growth |56 | |11 |Operational structure |60 | |12 |Competition |61 | |13 |Conclusion |66 | |14 |Cartoon story |68 | |15 |Reference |71 |

Lord Keynes,analyzing the role of capitalists in 19th century Britain in his work The Economic Consequences of Peace said” If the rich had spent their new wealth on their own enjoyments ,the world would long ago have found such a regime intolerable.But like honey bees they saved and accumulated ,not less to the advantage of the whole community ..(they )were allowed to call the best part of the cake theirs and were theoretically free to consume it ,on the tacit underlying condition that they consumed very little of it in practice.The duty of saving became nine-tenths of the...
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