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Supervisory Leadership Course
Five Roles of the Supervisory Leader

“The most immutable barrier in nature is between one man’s thoughts and another’s.” –William James

Effective  leadership  performance  depends  on  a  blend  of  appropriate  skills,  knowledge,  attitudes,  and behaviors coupled with relevant experience. This program helps supervisors gain the skills they  need to become more effective leaders in your organization.  The truly successful leader is one who  is  able  to  come  to  terms  with  his  or  her  strengths  and  weaknesses.    He  or  she  practices  self‐ discipline,  manages  his  or  her  own  emotions,  and  objectively  administers  the  job.    Supervisory  leaders must expertly handle disruptive behavior and difficult people from time to time.  This course  identifies  five  roles  of  a  supervisory  leader:  influencing  people,  communicating  effectively,  supervising work, coaching and managing through conflicts.  Participants will learn to excel in these  roles and are given tools to help them back at work.    Learning Objectives Participants will: Learn to choose between effective and ineffective leadership styles. Understand the relationship between their styles and the motivation and behavior of others Understand and learn to implement the four steps to active supervision Discover a proven process for problem solving Learn five steps for effective decision-making Understand the need for delegation and how to delegate effectively Discover ways to communicate more effectively and vividly Learn a technique for coaching performance Understand the difference between coaching and discipline Find out how to convert conflicts into problem solving sessions Learn effective tools for dealing with difficult people Discover ways to help groups in conflict Develop a personal action plan Audience This course is designed for supervisors, managers, and all employees on a management track.

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