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Final Project Report

Prepared by:
Ayeen Muhammad khan
Raja Muhammad Usman

Submitted To: Mohsin Zeb



Above all, we thank Allah all Mighty who has grant us courage to fulfill our task. We here by all thank our course instructor Miss. Madia javed , as she has provided us with sufficient knowledge and develop the criteria that we are now capable of gathering and compilation of the relevant information. We are also thankful to our friends and batch mates for helping us with the queries we had during the compilation of the report.



• MCB Bank Ltd. was incorporated in July 9, 1947.
• Among the first in new generation commercial bank.
• It has 1,146 branches and over 600 ATMs, in 110 cities in Pakistan. • Over the last few years, MCB Bank Ltd. as a whole has been growing steadily.

History of MCB Bank Ltd:

Muslim Commercial Bank Ltd. was founded by ISFHANI and ADAMJEE families in July 9, 1947 in Calcutta, India. After the partition of Subcontinent, the bank moved to Dhaka from where it started business in August 1948. In 1956 the Bank transferred its Head Office to Karachi. In 2006 bank changed it name to MCB Bank Ltd.

MCB Bank is not an overnight success story rather good track of services are responsible for the leaps and bounds progress. MCB Bank is first ever in the history of the country that is listed on the London Stock Exchange for trading on the Professional Securities Market and issued Global Depository Receipts (GDRs) worth $150 Million. In the late 1990 when bank was privatized by the government the bank has to start almost from the beginning. In April 1991, MCB Bank became Pakistan’s first privatized bank. The government of Pakistan transferred the management of the Bank to National group of leading industrialists of the country.

The consistency in growth and the resilience MCB Bank has shown after its privatization, especially in uncertain economic conditions are by all means outstanding. MCB Bank Limited received Euro money Award for Excellence Eight times in the last ten years, which include “Best Bank in Asia” in 2008; four times “The Best Bank in Pakistan” award and two time “The Best Domestic Bank” award besides being declared the “The Best Domestic Bank in Pakistan” by Asia Money for five times seven years. MCB Bank also received the “The Strongest Bank 2010” award by The Asian Banker for being Pakistan’s best-performing financial institution in 2010. President and CEO MCB Bank, has been awarded “The Qatar Financial Centre Asian Banker Leadership Achievement Award 2010.


To be the leading financial services provider, partnering with our customers for a more prosperous and secure future.


We are a team of committed professionals, providing innovative and efficient financial solutions to create and nurture long-term relationships with our customers. In doing so, we ensure that our shareholders can invest with confidence in us.

Strategic Objectives:

• Delivering remarkable returns to stakeholders, sustainable performance, exceeding market and shareholder expectations. • Providing value added services through operational expansion, geography and upgraded systems. • Building a corporate culture of equality, trust and team spirit as we remain dedicated to be a socially responsible organization. • With the right combination of insight, foresight and hindsight, we can focus on a variety of strategic and leadership goals to help bring...
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