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Management Process

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For any management of any business to be successful, it should acquire the following process which is: - planning, organizing, leading and controlling. The importance of this process, once understood, will enable any business to be successful at meetings its goals.


By definition: planning is the process of setting goals developing strategies and outlining tasks and schedules to accomplish the goals.

Planning is selecting priorities and results (goals, objectives) and how the results will be achieved. Planning usually includes identifying goals, objectives, methods and resources needed to carry out methods, responsibilities and dates of completion of tasks. Planning needs to include follow up plans as well as contingencies. Planning suggests the essential goal that must be achieved. When planning, you must make provision for the expected and anticipated results to be accomplished at the various stages of the operation. The supervisor will decide what must be done. The plan must be clear in detail to measure success or failure at the various stages of the operation.

The plan must include: - the objective
-the steps to be followed to achieve the objective
-all influencing factors

Plan outline in detail: - who must do the work
-what work must be done
-where the work must be done
-why the work must be done
-how the work must be done

Example: if I wanted to open a coffee shop / deli, I will need to have a marketing plan, a hiring plan and a sales plan.


By definition: organising is to arrange things in a sensible order or system in which everything
works well together.

Organising is allocating and arranging resources to accomplish the goals and objectives established during the planning process. Organising can also be seen as the activities to collect and configure resources so that the plans can be...

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