Management Principles and Application

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Design and Principle and Application Assignment: Planning Design and Production

Task 1

Identify and describe the planning process for this type of building project

Atlas Design Consultancy has been approached to design an office building for an accountancy firm. The building to be designed is a five storey office block with a basement.

A design brief has been formulated between the client and also Henry Brown, Senior Partner of Atlas Design Consultancy. A preliminary drawing has since been drawn up, so now research is to be carried out in preparation for the design and planning for the proposed project. This is known as the inception stage where the clients brief is drawn up and looked at. The main areas included in the clients brief are outlined below:

1. Details of client
2. General nature of requirements
3. Location of site
4. Budget and timescale of project
5. Tender procedure and form of contact
6. Approvals required for planning and building regulations 7. Members of the team who will be involved in the project 8. Method of communication
9. Site investigation requirements
10. Health and safety issues.

The next stage is the feasibility stage in which we establish whether it is technically possible to construct the project on the available site. The following information will have to be gathered:

1. More detailed information from the client about their needs. This detailed information could include things like: a. Size and function of each room and area
b. Details of services
c. Finishes to complete scheme
d. External works required.

2. Detailed information of the site. The detailed information could include: a. Existing structures to be demolished or retained
b. Contours of the land
c. Existing adjoining structures
d. Soil investigations
e. Information via photographs, drawings or files.

3. Information from third parties. Some of the third parties that may be involved in the project are: a. Local Authority Planning Departments
b. Local Highway Authority Planning Departments
c. Local Highway Authority – access onto the site
d. Utilities Company (e.g. gas, electricity, water)
e. Conservation groups.

4. Information on costs of project. Approximate estimates have to be provided at this stage, some types used are cost per: a. Unit of accommodation
b. Square metre of floor area
c. Metre cubed of a building
d. Element of building or project

At the outline proposal stage the Architect (Henry Brown) and the design team will analyse the client’s requirements and the information obtained at the previous stages. They will also obtain advice from experts regarding:

1) Structural aspects by the Structural Engineer (Gordon Rhodes) 2) Services from the Building Services engineer (Robert Plummer) 3) Cost aspects from the Quantity Surveyor (William McDowell).

A pre-contact programme is prepared for consideration by the client.

Once all the information has been collected and considered for alternatives the Architect with the design team will decide the best design solution and prepare the outline scheme drawing. These drawings will only be a block layout showing the relationship between the different areas for each floor and with no main dimensions. A site plan would also be drawn up showing the position of the proposed buildings on site with the location of services. Once all this has been undertaken outline planning approval can be sought from the local planning authority.

The planning report will have information regarding:

1) Type of structure
2) Scope of intended building services
3) Information on time and cost of project.

At the scheme design stage the design team prepare a detailed design scheme using the user requirements to show:

1) Spatial arrangements for the various parts of the scheme 2)...
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