Management Prerogatives

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  • Published : December 11, 2008
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Reaction Paper on MANAGEMENT PREROGATIVES It goes without saying that the main purpose of venturing into a business is to make profit and to sustain that profitability. Thus, this becomes the basis for the concept of MANAGEMENT PREROGATIVES, which is founded on the right of the management to reasonable returns on investment, and to expansion and growth of the enterprise. In the Philippine scenario, much emphasis is given to the basic rights of the workers. I admit that even I am completely new to this concept. During my first employment in Cebu, my notion of labor unions is just the protection of the laborers from the management policies that may affect their employment. It is often associated with strikes and collective bargaining agreement (CBA). In my 8 years of employment, I have never been part of an employees’ union which I blame for my ignorance. While reading the paper of Juris Bernadette M. Tomboc, CPA, J.D., MSIRM, it opened a whole new perspective of my views regarding the labor relations issue. It showed me the B-side of the story. After discussing the basic rights of the worker, now come the rights of the management. These two work together to achieve industrial peace as each balances the other. As mentioned above, Management prerogatives are anchored on the rights of the management to reasonable returns on investment, and to expansion and growth of the enterprise. Also, m_anagement prerogatives refers to the rights of an employer to regulate all aspects of employment such as the freedom to prescribe work assignments, working methods, processes to be followed, regulation regarding transfer of employees, supervision of their work, lay-off and discipline, and dismissal and recall of workers__ (Tomboc, 2004)_.In the succeeding sections I will give my opinions on its scope as enumerated and defined by JBM Tomboc in her paper. The following concepts are considered within the scope of MANAGEMENT PREROGATIVES. Transfer of Employees. This is indeed a...
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