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Management Practice new

Research the history of management and how relevant these theories are in today’s environment and future management practice

Over time many theories have been developed that contribute towards the management practice of today. It is important to understand management theories; they provide a stable focus for understanding what we experience, they provide criteria for what is relevant, also Theories enable us to communicate efficiently and move into more complex relationships with other people (Olum, 2004, p11)

The history of management includes great theories such as Fredrick Taylor’s Scientific Management, Elton Mayo's Hawthorne Works experiments and the human relations movement, Max Weber's idealized bureaucracy, and Henri Fayol's views on administration. (

Fredrick Taylor’s (1856-1917) Scientific Management started the era of modern management. Scientific management's organizational influences can be seen in the development of the fields of industrial engineering, personnel, and quality control ( Taylor’s Theory still has relevance in how businesses operate today. A prime example is within the retail industry; the separate elements of a job are detailed, and how and when workers should go about carrying out daily tasks. This type of job is fragmented into the smallest elements both in the scope of the task and the skill that the task involves (Stuart’s Blog, 19 Jan 2009) While Taylor had an impact on the establishment of the industrial engineering, quality control and personnel departments, the theorist Elton Mayo's Hawthorne Works experiments had a great impact on the human relations movement. The seemingly new concepts of "group dynamics", "teamwork" and organizational "social systems" all stem from Mayo's work in the mid-1920's. (

Classical organisational...
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