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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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Management Planning Presentation Travis Williams

© BP 2006

Oil section

BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2007

© BP 2007

Functions of Management
Function of Management Steps:
1. Stick to a system approach the system the same way every time 2. Focus on the future with specific goals, i. e. , be specific and plan accordingly

3. All employees should be aware of the company’s goals and work together toward them. 4. Plans and goals should be as detailed as possible to avoid crisis situations.

5. In addition, to ensure that your company avoids a crisis, multiple strategies and plans should be on hand.

6. Formulate step by step plans, with goals for each step in the process.

7.Be sure to include all employees in decision making and planning

8. Throughout the project, assess the progress and collect feedback from all involved.

BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2007

© BP 2007

BP Planning Function

Goals & Objectives:

Gain respect Provide “clean” energy Avoid accidents. Reduce waste.

Specific Plans for Safety:

Open report policy Consulting agreement Legal compliance

Ongoing Assessments:

Constant Research, Assessments and Evaluations regarding investment issues

BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2007

© BP 2007

Steps for BP Planning Process

The utmost important step in the planning process is having an understanding of the timeline. BP has successfully managed its time, meeting goals and objectives in a timely fashion. This planning and efficiency has helped BP throughout. An additional step in the process that has allowed BP to be successful is its willingness to spend money to invest in the business and its ability to make that willingness known to the world. Evaluations has proven to be an essential tool, allowing the company to make sure a potential investment will be profitable.

BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2007

© BP 2007

Strict Competition Laws
• BP has been influenced by strict

Strict Safety Regulations
•In addition to competition laws, oil companies like BP have been influenced by recent safety standards which were put

laws. Strict laws have recently been
put into place to protect consumers from large corporations. •

into place as a result of recent oil spills.
One example of these protective laws are laws that restrict competition agreements. Competition agreements occur when two companies make any agreement that reduces competition (e.g. setting a fixed price for a specific good). BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2007 © BP 2007 •BP, specifically, will be paying upwards of $75 million for the recent oil spill accident. •This fine, as well as the new safety regulations, has had a tremendous impact on the way BP conducts its business.


1.Ethics have greatly affected the way British Petroleum conducts business. British Petroleum takes

great pride in following good morals and ethics.
2.They strive to provide cleaner energy and to help the environment. BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2007 © BP 2007

British Petroleum code of conduct
1.Health, Safety, Security and the Environment. 2.Employees 3.Business Partners 4.Governments and Communities 5.Company assets and financial integrity. 6.An example would be using cleaner energy products such as solar panels. BP Statistical Review of World Energy 2007 © BP 2007

Corporate Social Responsibility
 BP has many corporations worldwide and thus contributes all over the world to fulfill its social duty. 

In addition, BP has made huge contributions to improve the health of citizens throughout the world.

Throughout the world BP has invested in educational and training programs. In addition, BP offers numerous scholarships.

In fact, BP has invested over $90 million into the community through its programs and scholarships.

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