Management Planning Paper Worldcom

Topics: Management, Balance sheet, Bernard Ebbers Pages: 3 (979 words) Published: November 9, 2011
Management Planning Paper
Vernita M. Blacksher

We will be evaluating the planning function of the upper level management of the Company formerly called WorldCom. We will look at some of the actions taken by upper level management, their decision making and what actions were taken to achieve short-term goals. We will be analyzing the influence legal issues, corporate social responsibility, and ethics had on WorldCom’s management planning. Also we will be look at what factors influenced the company’s strategic, tactical, contingency, and operational planning.

Management Planning Paper For the company formerly known as WorldCom, the planning function of management went in the wrong direction in a way that had dire consequences for the former telecommunications giant. One of the functions of management is planning to determine in which direction to take the company and what resources will be utilized to achieve the desired goal as set by management. WorldCom’s upper management was made up of Chief Executive Officer(CEO), Bernard Ebbers, the Chief Executive Officer,(CFO) Scott Sullivan, David Myers(Controller), and Buford Yates( Director of General Accounting), and a Broad of Directors. The way the company grew did not seem to be planned out thoughtfully from the beginning stages. The company grew to enormous size through rapid acquisitions, also built up a massive debt of $41 billion.

The way WorldCom was organized in such a complex environment, they were highly differentiated, the company’s upper level management did not integrate their activities with the rest of the company, not even the Broad of directors. When the fortunes of WorldCom began to decline because of the rapid expansion of companies, who with cheap and plentiful financing, were able to build transcontinental and transoceanic fiber optic networks. Because of this,...
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