Management Planning Paper for Boeing Company

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Management Planning Paper

Arika Ancar

June 13, 2011


Management Planning

The planning function of management leads to a future course of action. This first function of management is vital to the success of the organization. It is an ever-changing part in the life of the organization. It should answer the questions of where, when, how and who. The goals and objectives of a business are developed in the planning process. The business that is depicted in this paper is The Boeing Company. This document reveals the management operations of one of the world’s leading aerospace company and the largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft.

When we hear the name Boeing, we automatically associate it with airplanes, but they are much more than that. They also manufacture military aircraft, which includes space technology and defense systems. William Edward Boeing began the Boeing Airplane Company in 1916 after the construction of a twin-float seaplane, known as B & W. William Boeing also made history with his biplane. This biplane was used to deliver the first international airmail from Vancouver to Seattle. The Boeing Company is organized into two business units: Boeing Commercial Airplanes and Boeing Defense, Space and Security (Boeing Corporation, 2007). These two units are supported by Boeing Capitol Corporation, Shared Services Group and Boeing Engineering, Operations and Technology.

The Boeing Company’s philosophy begins with values, leadership, integrity, quality, customer satisfaction, people working together, a diverse and involved team, good corporate citizenship and enhancing shareholder value. They have developed a set of core values that defines them and serve as a guideposts to help them become the company they would like to be. Their goal is to attain world-class growth and productivity. They are located in approximately seventy countries and employ more than 158,000 men and women.

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