Management Plan Summary

Topics: Emotion, Time, Present Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Employee Portfolio: Management Plan Summary
MGT 311
January 2013

Employee Portfolio: Management Plan Summary
When giving assessments at work, one of the most important areas a manager/employer must look at is the emotional state of the employee that is working for them. After taking a detailed look at the results of the assessments the manager noticed that each person has their strengths and weaknesses that are positive and may need some work. has many strengths. He is an overall confident person, with great enthusiasm, who believes in himself and the work that he produces for a company. He is also aware of his surroundings. Caring for people and their emotions as well as being aware of his own shows great empathy for others. Making sure that he is a deliberate thinker is another one of his strong assets. His strengths show that he is capable of becoming a leader, making serious decisions as well as getting along on team assignments. His weaknesses he lacks encouragement is when dealing with certain job positions, may not be understanding of other’s emotions and may make rash decisions and needs to be careful of what he says. He should be recommended to take “What affects my emotions?”.

He can complete a task without getting distracted, able to keep emotions under control, positive person and thinks rationally. His weaknesses are that he can become unmotivated at times, even though he will get the job done, it just won’t be a happy experience at the present time. Has an issue with showing his own emotions and cannot comprehend other emotions as well. He can motivate others to do their job well and keep everyone in check. He can work on teams, but expect no excuses. He should take an assessment on “When do I show emotions?”. She is also a very caring individual who not only cares about herself, but others as well. She is persistent and makes big decisions when necessary. Her weaknesses are showing negativity or dissatisfaction for...
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