Management Pattern of Janata Bank Ltd.

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Immediately after the emergence of Bangladesh in 1971, the erstwhile United Bank Limited and Union Bank Limited were renamed as Janata Bank following the Bangladesh Bank (Nationalization) Order No. 1972(PO No.26 of 1972). On 15th November, 2007 the bank has been corporatized and renamed as Janata Bank Limited. Janata Bank was born with a new concept of purposeful banking sub serving the growing and diversified financial needs of planned economic development of the country.  Janata Bank Ltd is state owned commercial bank which was incorporated as a Public Limited Company on 21 May 2007 as per companies Act 1994 and took over the business of the then Janata Bank with all of its assets, liabilities, right, power, privilege and obligation on a going concern basis through a vendor agreement signed between the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh and Janata Bank Ltd on 15 November, 2007 with a retrospective effect from 01 July, 2007. Janata Bank Limited operates through 859 branches including 4 overseas branches at United Arab Emirates. It is linked with 1202 foreign correspondents all over the world. Janata Bank Ltd is a corporate entity of the country and as such it has a moral duty to the nation as well as earns profit. Janata Bank Ltd is now on stronger footing than ever before in respect of capital adequacy, assets quality, liquidity earnings, management efficiency and service quality. Despite world financial crisis and downturn in global economy, the bank has been able to attain desired level of business by pursuing its strategic and prudent operational policies.


The bank provides all kinds of commercial banking services to its customers including

• accepting deposits,

• extending loans and advances,

• discounting and purchasing bills,

• remittance, money transfer,

• foreign exchange transaction,

• Guarantee, commitments etc.

The principal activities of its subsidiary are to carry on the remittance of hard-earned foreign currency to Bangladesh. Keeping this service in mind, the bank has opened an NRB branch to render exclusive service to non residence Bangladeshis.

Janata Bank has a plan to switch over a multi disciplinary financial institution by conducting Merchant Banking business and Islamic Banking operations.


|Type of Branch |No. of Branch |Percentage (%) | |Local Office |01 |0.100 | |Corporate-1 Branch (AD Branch) |11 |1.300 | |Corporate-2 Branch |45 |5.200 | |Overseas Branch |04 |0.467 | |Grade-1 Branch |204 |23.748 | |Grade-2 Branch |207 |24.098 | |Grade-3 Branch |291 |33.877 | |Grade-4 Branch |95 |11.060 | |NRB Branch |01 |0.100 | |Total Branches :    |859 |100.000 |

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