Management of Solid Waste in Nablus

Topics: Waste management, Waste, Waste-to-energy Pages: 122 (25197 words) Published: December 30, 2012
An-Najah National University
Faculty of Graduate studies

Evaluation of Solid Waste Management Practices in Nablus District

Abdul Salam F. Abu Zahra

Supervised by:

Dr. Hafez Shaheen

Dr. Isam al Khatib

Submitted in Partial Fulfillment with the Requirements of the Degree of Master of Environmental and Water Engineering, Faculty of Graduate Studies, at An-Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine.

Evaluation of Solid Waste Management Practices in Nablus District

Abdul Salam F. Abu Zahra

This Thesis was defended successfully on 12/11/2006 and approved by:

Committee Members Signature

1. Dr. Hafez Shaheen ……………………..

2. Dr. Issam al khatib ……………………..

3. Dr. Nidal Mahmoud ……………………..

4. Prof. Marwan Haddad .…………………….

5. Dr. Hassan Arafat ……………………..


This work is cordially dedicated to the souls of my parents who devoted their life to their children.


I would like to express my thanks and appreciation to the faculty of graduated studies at An Najah National University.

I would like to express my special thanks and appreciation for my advisors Dr. Hafez Shaheen, and Dr. Issam al Khatib for their kind cooperation, and the time they devoted through the period of research.

Special thanks should be extended to Nablus Municipality, mainly Dr. Azzam Halaweh and Dr. Nidal Mansour for their cooperation and help. Also thanks are due to all local councils who were highly cooperating in giving data. I will not forget the help of UNRWA staff, especially Mr. Mi’ary.

Special thanks to the Environmental Quality Authority for their support and specially to Eng Ahmed Abu Thaher.

The thanks is due also to the Ministry of Local Government and its staff for their information and cooperation.

Thanks to all who spent some of their time in filling the field questionnaire.

I will not forget the great help and support of my wife who suffered with me in order to finish this study.

Finally I would like to thank every one who contributed to complete this study and wish them all the best.


This study is about the current solid waste management system in Nablus district and it covers the issue from three aspects. These are the management system, awareness of citizens, and solid waste composition.

Around 97% of the population in Nablus district are located within areas that have a solid waste collection system. There are great variations in the management system between the city and villages, and among different villages. The collection systems in villages vary from one to another by equipment used. 25 localities are using compacting trucks while 22 are using tractor. The service provider is local council in 9 localities, a contractor in 27 localities, and the joint service council in 13 localities. Amount of solid waste fee ranges between 5 NIS to 15 NIS. The fee is collected separately in 11 localities, with electricity bill in 35 localities, with water bill in 3 localities, with both bills in 2 localities Ownership of the dumping sites also changes from locality to locality.

Insufficiency of existing labor and equipments, improper disposal of waste in dumping sites, and low fee collection rates, are the main problems in the existing management system. There is no separation of hazardous and medical waste in all localities. These practices increase threat to citizens and the environment.

There is a question about the necessity of unifying the solid waste management system in the district and in the...
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