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Organization Profile
Walt Disney Company came from the founder, Walt Elias Disney. The company grew from the success of a small animated mouse called “Mickey Mouse”. The arrival of the little mouse was on the 18th of November 1928. It appeared in many cartoons, full feature films, comic strips, books, video games, toys, and it was made into every piece of merchandise imaginable. It became a symbol of Walt Disney Company as well as a cultural icon in America. Profile of Walt Disney

Walt Elias Disney was the president of Walt Disney Company since 1923 to 1966. He was an entrepreneur, entertainer, international icon and a philanthropist. He was also the worldwide leader in producing films, directing, screenwriting, voice acting and animating. He helped people, especially in the field of entertainment, realizing their full potential. He was very optimistic which made him more important than any of the politicians back then. He influenced the mind and imagination of people which inspired and motivated them. Walt Disney's passion for drawing and art started at a very young age. He would sell small sketches and drawings to nearby neighbors. He even painted the side of his family’s house with tar. As he grew older, he further improved his drawing abilities. Hence, his passion grew tremendously. Walt Disney’s Achievements

Walt Disney was the first in the world to create a synchronized sound cartoon, which featured Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie. He was the legend and a folk hero of the 20th century. His imaginations were unique that he could take the dreams of America, and make them come true. With utmost perseverance and dedication to his work, he earned more than 30 Academy Awards. An example would be the Honorary Award for the creation of Mickey Mouse in 1932, which was a distinctive achievement for Walt Disney Company. Other than that, with his endless imagination and vision, he built a place where children and parents could spend time together,...
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