Management of Marketing Channels Assignment

Topics: Logistics, Supply chain management, Management Pages: 8 (2632 words) Published: November 13, 2012
Management Development Institute of Singapore in Tashkent

Faculty of Business Marketing

Management of Marketing Channels Assignment

Name: Gafurov Nodirbek
Batch#: B0900377

Table of Contents
Executive Summary3
The Role of Supply Chain Management5
Flextronics Logistics Management7
Reverse Logistics9
Flextronics in Channel Management10

Executive Summary
This assignment demonstrates the most key business areas of the given, Flextronics International Ltd. It analyzes the core businesses of the company as logistics and supply chain that is subjective for the development and business achievement of the company. All findings of the company examples are gained during whole study from a range of reliable sources; such as websites, textbooks, audio materials, and other consistent newspapers.

The core purpose of this statement is to draw and to discuss the role of supply chain management is playing today and how the company has capitalized it and use of Flextronics’s technology to place its self in logistics management. Also it includes a justification of Flextronics use of reverse logistics and its relation to marketing channel and last of all personal view of Flextronics’s role in Channel Management.

The report will be organized as follows:

Section 1: The role of Supply Chain Management
Section 2: Flextronics’ Logistic Management
Section 3: Reverse Logistics
Section 4: Flextronics in Channel Management

The Role of Supply Chain Management
Business today is in a large-scale environment. This environment forces corporations, regardless of position or key market base, to judge the rest of the world in their competitive tactic analysis. Organization cannot separate them from or skip outside factors such as economic trends, competitive situations or technology innovation in other countries, if some of their competitors are rivals or are located in those countries. Companies are going truly worldwide with Supply-chain Management (SCM). A company can build up a product in the United States, produce in India and sell in Europe. Companies have changed the ways in which they handle their actions and logistics activities. Changes in trade, the increase and innovation of transport infrastructures and the increase of competition have elevated the importance of flow management to levels. Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization (LPG) of the economies and organizations has fuelled the competitiveness among company. A number of issues have lead to the growing globalization of the world economy and as a result the competitive environment faced by the company has changed radically since the last decade. The drivers of globalization include: decreasing tariffs, improved transportation, communications and information technology, global manufacturing of products and availability of services across markets. These changes have enabled the global competitors to make the products and services available to customers worldwide, and the results have been a proliferation of choices for consumers and a need for the companies to offer greater products and service quality at lower costs in order to remain competitive. Changes in technology and globalization of products and services have also resulted in increasingly dynamic markets and greater uncertainty in customer demand. SCM tools and techniques are mechanisms that can allow the companies to respond to these environmental changes. Hence the reason as to why supply chain management has become popular during the past decade is the phenomenon of globalization. Increased competition has made business look for core competencies for enhanced performance. If a particular organization in some country has the core competence for a certain product/component/service, it will get the business for that product/service. This is called global outsourcing. A supply chain is defined as a set of three or more companies...
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