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Management theories as seen in
This essay presents several relative management theories and ideas which can be seen in Lend Lease’s website. Theses theories cover four aspects which are planning process, leadership and Organisational Culture, Change, and Diversity Management and motivation.

The planning process
To create the best places is Lend Lease’s vision (Vision-and-strategy 2012).It is a corporate level plan as it guides every single project the Lend Lease participates, big and small and provides a framework for all other planning(Waddell et al. 2007, p336). It also supports Lend Lease’s strategic direction ‘to be the leading international property and infrastructure group’ (Vision-and-strategy 2012). The “property and infrastructure” are the industries which Lend Lease intends to compete and the “international” indicates that the Lend Lease competes in world wide markets. So this strategic direction is a corporate level strategy. To underpin the corporate plan, Lend Lease concentrates management resources into five growth areas: Urban regeneration, Aging population, Sustainability, Funds growth and Infrastructure (Corporate Brochure 2012). This is a business-level strategy as it states the methods that Lend Lease intends to use to compete against its rivals in international property and infrastructure market. This is also a business-level plan because it details long-term goals that will allow Lend Lease to meet corporate goals and the Lend Lease’s business-level strategy and structure (Waddell et al. 2007, p337). Functional-level plan sets the goals to help the division attain its business level goals. In the web page of sustainability, it can be seen that in order to realize the Sustainability, Lend Lease’s approach is grounded by sustainability aspirations across environmental, social and economic categories. The Lend Lease is striving to do meaningful work that protects the natural environment, supports responsible economic growth and improves the quality of people's lives (Sustainability 2012). These processes are more likely the theory of functional-level plan and functional-level strategy. Through the survey of the Lend Lease’s website, we can find out that it determined the goals first, and then formulate the strategy, implement the strategy, lastly, it evaluate the strategy. All of these processes strictly follow the planning process step by step. Leadership

Lend Lease invest in developing, rewarding and empowering its employees (working at Lend Lease 2012). For rewarding, they provide a competitive level of pay and benefits that recognise and reward outstanding performance. This is a use of reward power. And the empowerment is used as well, which means workers at all levels have more authority to make decisions and responsibility for their outcomes. It helps managers to get workers get involved in the decisions, increase worker commitment and motivation and have time to focus on other issues (Waddell et al. 2007, p216) Lend Lease’s founder, an innovative young Dutch engineer named Dick Dusseldorp, believed the wellbeing and best interests of the company’s employees were paramount.( working at Lend Lease 2012). Here, Dick Dusseldorp engages in the behavior model of consideration as he shows his trust, respect and care about his employees.

Organisational Culture, Change, and Diversity Management
Dick Dusseldorp, Lend Lease’s founder, dreamt of building an organization that would be measured not just on its financial returns, but on its positive contribution to the environment and society (working at Lend Lease 2012). His personal dream here is the values of the founder which has a substantial influence on the organization culture. During the orientation period, Lend Lease has some kind of socialization program to help new employees learn about the culture of Lend Lease (working at Lend Lease 2012). This is the...
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