Management of Health and Safety at Work

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Test Paper 2

Activity 1
Task 1a.

1.Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

2.Management of Health and Safety at work Regulations 1999.

3.Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations 1992.

Task 1b.

1.Health and safety policy.

2.Administering medication in school.

3.Attendance policy.

Activity 2.
Task 5a.
The purpose of the fire alarm is to alert the whole school that there is an emergency and to begin the fire drill at once. •On discovering a fire, the member of staff should sound the fire alarm nearest to them immediately. Pupils should alert the closest teacher or staff member. •The fire alarm must be a sound that is completely different to any other alert used within the school. •Fire drill practices should take place at least once termly, ensuring everyone knows the routine. •Alarm sound tests should also be carried out and any problems should be rectified immediately. EVACUATION

The class should steadily move on to the assembly point, followed by the teacher hopefully carrying the attendance register. Doors along the escape route should be closed if they are not to be used again. •Head and deputy head teachers should continue to the specified assembly point, awaiting reports from all zones. •The attendance registers should be taken to this point as soon as possible if they are available from each teacher. A roll all should now be taken. •Anyone else inside the building such as cooks, cleaners and office staff should join others at the assembly point immediately. •The building must not be re-entered by anyone to collect belongings, books etc. •CALL THE FIRE BRIGADE

All cases of fire, however small or even just suspected should be reported to the fire brigade as quickly as possible. •It falls to the most senior member of staff present to make certain the fire brigade is called without delay. •ASSEMBLY

The assembly point for reception and key sage 1 is the playground of years 1 and 2. •Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 playground is the assembly point for key stage 2. •At assembly point there should be the different classes and groups standing in close units, ready for roll call. •ROLL CALL

A roll call or head count should be taken at assembly points as soon as possible, preferably from registers. •Any missing persons should be searched for by staff leaving no place overlooked. •On arrival the fire brigade chief officer should be informed on the success of evacuation and if there is anyone unaccounted for. •TACKLE THE FIRE

It is most important to know that life safety always comes before tackling the fire. •Decisions on tackling the fire depend on the circumstances. If the size of the fire was small i.e. a spillage of flammable liquid then it may be dealt with whereas any form of larger blaze, a safe evacuation procedure must take place.

Activity 3
Task 8

The main regulation is Working Together to Safeguard Children 2010.

1.The school confidentiality policy.
2.Child protection policy.
3.Attendance policy.
4.Behaviour policy.
5.Anti-bullying policy.

Task 9
The child protection policy has to provide information on the roles and responsibilities of school staff members for dealing with child protection issues.

e.g. If a teacher or any other member of staff is concerned about a child then they must inform the head teacher. Information regarding the concerns should be done on the same day. This information must be clear and accurate providing the facts of their observation/s.

It will then be the head teacher’s decision whether it is necessary to refer the case to social services. No prior consent or involvement of pupils’ parents is required.

If a Social Services referral is made, an assigned social worker will receive a report within 48 hours containing details of the case from the head teacher.

The attendance and development of any pupil known to be ‘at risk’ or have been placed on the...
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