Management of Educational Change

Topics: Ilocos Region, High school, Pangasinan Pages: 6 (2065 words) Published: December 4, 2012

Researcher: DAVID A. DANIO JR.
Degree: Doctor of Education
Major: Educational Management

This study is conducted to the Schools Heads of Public Secondary Schools in Region 1, to find out how adaptable and ready they are in accepting and implementing order and command of change coming from higher ranks of leaders and managers. Finding out how if situation arrived that they need immediate action for implementation in their area of assignment. This study shows how they are responsive and open to change regarding; organizational structure, leadership components, and technological advancement.

This study determined the management of educational change process among public secondary school heads of Region I.
Specifically, this study sought to answer the following questions: 1. How are the respondents described in terms of;
1.1 Gender
1.2 Position
1.3 Personality Characteristics
1.4 Leadership Style
2. How do the respondents manage the educational change along the following areas? a. Structure
b. Leadership Components
c. Technological Advancement
3. How do the respondents’ management of change compare when grouped as to a. gender?
b. Personality?
c. Leadership style?
4. What implications can be drawn from the findings of management of educational change? The study is a descriptive that uses the questionnaire as main source of data. The study described the Management of Educational Change among Public Secondary School Heads in Region I. The study also described the schools heads’ as to gender, position, personality characteristics and leadership styles. It also determined the school heads’ management of educational change along the following areas: structure, leadership, and technological advancement. The management of change was compared when the school heads were grouped as to gender, personality and leadership style. From the results of the study, the implications to management of educational change were derived. The study used the questionnaire to establish the profile and the management of change among the schools heads. The following profile are included; gender, position, and years of service. The questionnaire was used to assess their personality characteristics, leadership, and management of educational change. The study covers the area of region I, composed of 13 divisions namely: Ilocos Norte, Laoag City, Ilocos Sur, Vigan City, Candon City, La Union, San Fernando City, Pangasinan I, Pangasinan II, Urdaneta City, Dagupan City, Alaminos City, and San Carlos City.

Percentage is used to determine the difference of respondents in gender, position, personality, and leadership style.
Analysis of Variance was used to compare management of educational change along structure, leadership, and technological advancement as to leadership style, and personality.
The T-test was used to compare the management of change as to gender. The result of the study showed that:
1. The Respondents is described can be described
1.1. The result shows that there are more female 58%, compare to the number of male 42%, but there is no significant difference in their management of educational change along structure, leadership, and technological advancement when they are compared. 1.2. There are principals 81%, head teachers 16%, and teachers 3% who were assigned as school heads in the Public Secondary Schools of Region 1. But majority of the school heads hold the item of principal, the highest position in a secondary school that has the authority to initiate and command anybody under his post. 1.3. The result of the answers given by the respondents, 49% were identified Sanguine a talkative and extrovert, 21% were Choleric a commander and extrovert, 15% Melancholic, a...
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