Management of Business

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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Name: Christopher Stephenson
Grade: 5 bus sci 2 (lower six) Centre #: 100028
School: Dint hill Technical
Teacher: Mr. Johnson
TITLE PAGE Topic------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 Title-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 Aims and Objectives------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 Research Questions-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 Investigation Letter-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 Description of Business--------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7 Purpose of Study----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8 Methodology---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9-10 Literature Review---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11 REPORT ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12-27 Data Presentation---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13-22 Data Analysis-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 23-24 Evaluation------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 25-26 Judgments and Recommendations-------------------------------------------------------------- 27 APPENDICES------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 28-31 Questionnaire-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 29-31 References----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 32

TOPIC: Factors involve in production.


An investigation in to the effectiveness of market demand, level of competition, labour and technology as factors involve in the production of Tru-juice.


* To determine ways in which the factors involve in production affects the production level of a firm.

* To assess benefits that newly improve factors has on the level of productivity.


* To identify the factors involve in the production of Tru-juice.

* To identify how effective is the factors involve in production at Tru-juice.


* What are some of the problems associated with the factors involve in production?

* How does the factors involve in production impacted on the level of productivity?

* What are some of the benefits derived from the newly improved factors involve in production?

Dear: Employees
The investigation on ‘The factors involve in production at Tru-juice’ is an internal assessment of the Management of Business path which I pursue. Only a few factors will be investigated namely: Market demand, Level of competition, Labour and Technology. Employees will be provided with questionnaires which they are required to answer by putting a tick in the space beside each correct answer (s) provided. Respondents are been ask to answer the questions truthful and factually, Thank you. Your: truly Ottean Hyde
Tru-juice company limited is a privately own business located in Bog walk district St.Catherine that produces orange juice. The business cultivated approximately 2900acres land of citrus to take into production. The organizational...
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