Management: Notes

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  • Published : August 4, 2011
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1.1 Variables in the microenvironment2
1.2 Ways to departmentalize the business2-3
1.3 Management functions3-4

2.1 Operations functions5
2.2 Qualities of leaders5
2.3 Charismatic qualities5
2.4 Leadership competences6
2.5 Formal communication7
2.6 Empowerment characteristics7-8

3.1 Social responsibility9
3.2 Manage resistance to change strategies9
3.3 Change process phases10
3.4 Characteristic of a change manager10

1.1 Variables in the internal environment
1.1.1 Mission statement and goal of the business
A mission statement defines what an organization is, why it exists and its reason for being. Briefly it is a clear brief description of the business, what is the business and what does if offer.
1.1.2 The organization function
For an organization to be able to function there must be specific functions e.g. Planning, Organizing, etc. All of these functions are important and one cannot function well without the others.

1.1.3 The factors of production of the organization
Factors of Production are various types of resources used in the production of goods and services. The factors of production are basic inputs that are used to produce goods and service.

1.2 Ways to departmentalize the business
1.3.1 General Management
General Manager oversees the day to day running of the organization. Ensure that all the department perfumes their daily duties and that all the functional area perfume as expected. * There was poor management of production process within the organization.

1.3.2 Operation Management
The operation manager ensures that stock is ordered and that the stock is of good quality. * The operation department did not have clear objectives and they had no clear goals of what to achieve. They did not produce what the public demanded.

1.3.3 Marketing Management
Marketing manager duty of the Marketing team to ensure that all products are of good quality and products are marketed to the community. * The public needs were not met at all, due to the poor service rendered by Rainbow Communicating Computers. They produce bad quality computers. Market manager is expected to be more creative, take advantage of dates such as Christmas, Valentine etc. to do promotions.

1.2.4 Financial Management
Financial Manager is responsible for allocating and management of finances of the organization this includes effective planning organizing and control of all financial activities. The failing and succeeding of the organization depend on how the organization finances are handled. * There was no proper system placed on financial management issues. Raphael and the shareholders use the organization finances irresponsible. There was a need for a proper and stable financial management.

1.3 Management Functions
1.4.4 Organizing
To put together in an orderly, functional, and structured. Managers are responsible for organization of the business and this includes organizing people and resources. Without an organized workplace the manager won’t be able to achieve the mission and goals of the organization.

1.4.5 Planning
A manager must determine what the organization goals are and how to achieve those goals. Ensuring that the plans do links to other plans of the organization. Planning tasks, precedes the controlling task, and therefore without planning no controlling can take place.

1.4.6 Leading
Managers ensure that tasks are completed on time and policies are followed. Leading refers to the way in which managers help people to achieve planned objectives. 1.3.4 Controlling
Controlling involves monitoring the progress to make sure goals are being met, this progress must be shared with employees, and this will builds...
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