Management Method of Jack Ma

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Management Method of Jack Ma


Jack Ma is a wonderful leader, he use his talent create Alibaba this successful company .This article is about Jack Ma and his management methods ,it is mainly focus on 4 parts : target ,system of values , mission and teamwork . Jack Ma use his special management skill create a new era . This article will show us how important management and leadership are , also tell the rules for manage company and employee . What can those skills bring us and how to use them in our daily life .

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Jack Ma is a legend , he is the leader of Alibaba , the founder of the world first E-commerce platform. Jack create a miracle , his company use to be a small company with only 500000 yuan's capital , now it's market capitalization become more than 20 billion dollar . Jack know less about technology information , but he proficient in management , in his opinion , if you have enough management skill layman also can manage the expert . He believes , a good leader must be versatile ,in his understanding, the relationship between leader employee customer and owner is really important , good management method can help you to solve all these questions . In the following article I will introduce some Jack Ma's management skill and talk about the reason of his success .


Nowadays there are always more choices for a us, but this may not be a good thing for a company , so the leader should have a clearly target , their work is not finding new opportunity but say no to useless things to them . Leader should find out the most correctly way for his company , make sure they will run on a normal track . Jack Ma use a story to explain this point of view : if there are 10 rabbits , which one should you catch ? Too much choices will made you feel dazzle , the person who wants to catch all the rabbits must be the loser , cause they can not concentrate on one thing , and can make decision .So iust seize the opportunity which is best for you . Jack Ma believes ,A company who wants to be successful must concentrate on one target , too many goals will disrupt morale , employees not knowing which course to follow . Jack Ma raised that , ALibaba should be a longevity company , he proposed a goal for long and directional , he said this kind of goal can do good on the development of his company . Because of this kind of goal derives a series Alibaba 's related system and culture . Of course , the reason why Jack can notice the specific importance of a concentrated target is : When the company was found , Jack use to attract plenty of enterprise 's MBA to his company by big amount of funds , but 12 senior manager except him was overseas staff , so the company did not run well because of their different management methods and goals. This gives him a lesson , so he knows that , staff who have dreams and willing to pay for the company is much better that a staff just used to work in a big company , the latter are technical-oriented , they are not stable and have their fixed pattern , if they work together , they must imped each other . Alibaba needs staff who have dreams for their team , they working for Alibaba 's dream , a long life company , in their first venture period they only use one month to turn their company from world ranking 8000 to 2000 . Now it become a world famous company , so we can know the importance of the target .

System of Values

Jack Ma used to talk about the importance of culture to a company in his lecture , just like company 's DNA , system of values is the nuclear of organizational cultural . System of values is a judgment of the importance of things ,...
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