Management Learning from Movie"Chak de India".

Topics: Team, Ice hockey, India Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: September 28, 2010
LESSONS FROM MOVIE “chak de india”
1- MAKING IMPOSSIBLE THE POSSIBLE :- Take a look on one statement "Jo ho nahi sakta wohi to krna hai" in the movie. As winning world cup for Indian women's hockey is like ipposible. But kabir khan takes it as a challenge and conveys his vision to the team members though he is opposed by many but he is sure what he is doing. 2- TEAMING THE SUCCESS STORY:- Great amount of attention has been paid to the players, the diversity in culture, their language and team dynamics. As it is very compulsory because first the diversity should be converted in the single identity. That kabir khan tried by saying "say India" "we the Indian" rather than telling the name of state. 3- LEADERSHIP STYLE:- In the begigining he used the policy of negative motivation by firing and suspending the players who were not giving the desired behaviour, than he tries to come close to them to provide positive motivation and tries to develop acceptance for him. It is true that a leader could be successful if he/she is accepted by the followers. 4- TAKING THE CHALLENGE AS AN OPPORTUNITY:- In the movie kabir khan was selected as a coach of Indian women's hockey team which has to play in word cup.  Because it was already declared as impossible. This he takes an opportunity to answer Indian viewers against the blames which were made on him and with that he tried to prove that under his guidance things could be possible. 5- DREAM BIG AND DEFINE THE GOAL:- When kabir khan take the challenge for word cup his total concern was on word cup. It may have seemed unrealistic or even improbable, but then that's what dreams are. Dreaming is about imagining a different future. In the case of kabir,he not only dreamt big but also put in place a strategy to make that a reality. 6- BE DETERMINED IN FACE OF OPPOSITION:- This comes many times but when the team was playing against Russia kabir know that Russians was playing roughly against every team and injured players but still he...
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