Management: Leadership and Isabella

Topics: Leadership, Organizational culture, Organizational studies and human resource management Pages: 16 (6520 words) Published: October 31, 2012
A large software company is in a consideration about promoting one of their head divisions into an executive position due to the retirement of a senior executive. The two outstanding candidates are Devon and Isabella, the two managers of the two of the largest divisions of this company. Both of them show their passion for being promoted to that position. One day, Devon and Isabella had a meeting with the Paul McAllister, the CEO of this company. The purpose of this meeting is for Paul to interview both of these candidates in order to understand more about them and about their reaction and behaviours in front of each other’s opponent. Paul gave the same question for both Isabella and Devon, listen to their answers and have a judgment about who should be chosen for the executive position. After hearing answer of both candidates, Paul obviously understands that they both have different leadership styles. Each style has its own advantages and disadvantages so it is a tough decision for Paul to choose who suitable for that position. This essay is going to discuss and analyze about the leadership styles of both Devon and Isabella and point out the organizational culture that is suitable the most for each of them.

There is a fact that every organization always needs a leader to lead the company on the right track of goal. Indeed, this is not hard to be a good manager but not everybody can be a great leader. Therefore, this essay will identify some major leadership styles in reality and then apply to the case of Devon and Isabella to find out whose style is more effective for the organization, any situational factors can affect its effectiveness and whether any downsides to each style. After that, there will be a comparison based on the motivated feelings, job satisfaction, trust in leadership and organizational commitment of Devon’s and Isabella’s subordinates. Last but not least, it will verify what particular type of organizational culture can be suitable to their different styles. Question 1: Using terms from the text, how would you describe Devon’s leadership style? How would you describe Isabella’s leadership style? First of all, the leadership styles of Devon and Isabella will be decided based on the answers that Devon and Isabella gave to their CEO. Obviously, there are some similarities on their leadership perspectives. The first point is both of them are supervisory leaders. According to Bateman and Snell (2011), supervisory leadership is behavior that provides guidance, support and corrective feedback for day-to-day activities. Applying to this case, both Devon and Isabella “give clear guidance to employees, set appropriate goals …” to help their employees to complete every project. Second, they all have perspectives and characteristics that a great leader has which are considered as traits under trait approach. Based on Zaccaro (2007), there are five characteristics that make the leaders stand out from other people which are: 1. Drive: includes high level of effort, high level of ambition, energy and initiative. In this case, Devon and Isabella all ensure that their employees have all necessary skills and resources that need to complete the given task. 2. Leadership motivation: refers to an intense desire to influence and lead other people to reach the goals, usually mentions as the level of power. Here, both of them have a power to give his subordinate rewards or punishments depend on the outcomes of the projects. 3. Integrity: refers to the correspondence between words and actions 4. Self-confidence: this is an important characteristic to make decisions despite uncertainty and to convince employees to follow. 5. Knowledge of the business: an effective leader has a high degree of knowledge about the company, industry and technical matter. In this case, by having such knowledge, both Devon and Isabella can help their employees by providing skills and resources to accomplish the projects....
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