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Module: Management and Leadership (MBA 4054)

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Management and leadership is a subject that has been in discussion for a long time and has been dealt and answered in different ways .Both the concepts go hand in hand but they differ in many aspects. According to Yukl (2010, p24) there is an ongoing argument regarding these two concepts.Yukl reached to a conclusion that however everybody agrees the fact that both are equivalent, the degree of overlap is a point of sharp disagreement.( Yukl ,2010, p24) .

This course takes into account the fact of overlapping, where successful managers often have to be in a role of leaders in various circumstances. Here we are scrutinizing our behavioural characteristics as a manager and a leader in different situations i.e. how we tend to behave in situations towards others and for achieving the task.

I have analysed various models of self-assessment tools developed to assess self. Each assessment gives me a picture of various aspects of my behaviour and the areas that need improvement so that a development plan can be made on the basis of my strengths and weaknesses.

Self Assessment Results

1: Firo-B Scores

Firo-B is a model for the identification of our behaviour towards others and how I want them to behave towards me. This instrument helps to know more about our self-understanding in various important areas, like interpersonal relationships and how is your recognition among others and how you perceive others.

| |Inclusion |Control |Affection |Row Totals | |Expressed towards Others |5 |2 |7 |14 | |Wanted from others |2 |4 |5 |11 | |Column Totals |7 |6 |12 |25 |

My result detailed above indicates that I have a moderate level of expressed inclusion, with low degree of expressed control and high level of expressed affection towards others. But I do not expect similar level of inclusiveness from others and am not comfortable in flexible situations .But I expect similar level of warmth and closeness from others.Conclusively,I am a person who prefers a balance between time alone and with others ,with low degree of control and who likes warmth and closeness.

2: Locus of Control

Locus of Control is a theory developed to refer to the level to which individuals tend to believe that they are the controller of their own destinies (Julian .B. Rotter, 1954).we use the questionnaire produced by Whetten et al. and was adapted from work of Rotter (1966)

|Locus of Control (out of 23) |3 |

According to locus of control questionnaire, here the score refers to a comparatively low external locus of control. This score shows that I have a tendency to believe that my life and destiny is a result of my own doing. External factors are not so relevant in determining what happens.

3: Tolerance of Ambiguity

This is a tool of assistance to find how individuals operate in ambiguous circumstances where too many things are happening. A highly influential work in this regard was...
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