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  • Published : August 27, 2010
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Coordination is a means of dealing with interdependencies by effectively linking together the various parts of an organization or by linking together two or more organizations pursuing a common goal (Shortell & Kaluzny, 2005). Coordination is also one of the most important parts of management as well. During the interview I had with the director of nurses at a nursing home, we talked a lot about how the place was run and how it stays coordinated. It takes a lot of work being the director of nurses and you have to make sure everyone is doing their part to make it work. Each nurse has 5 patients they have to take care of daily, now making sure these nurses are taking care of their patients and giving the patients what they need are the managers of each wing. There is an east wing and a west wing. Each wing has a day manager and a night manager and 4 nurses. Each nurse has to make sure their patient gets their medication, showers, physical therapy and if they cannot walk their selves, they have to make sure they get to the kitchen, or their food is brought to them, they also have to make sure they get to their physical therapy appointments. In the kitchen, they have a set of nurses who keep an eye on the patients and make sure they get special meals, if they are on a special diet, and feed the patients if needed. In the game department, they have nurses who take the time to play games with the patients and set up bingo nights, etc. They also have a physical therapy department that has a set of 3 nurses who conduct physical therapy for the patients who need it. They also have physical therapy manger who makes sure all goes right and makes the scheduling for the patients. The director of nurses has to make sure all of this is going on and everyone is doing their part. If there is a problem, the nurses have to go to their department manager and then if they cannot solve it, the manager goes to the director of nursing. The director of nursing interviews lay offs,...
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