Management Information Systems Unit 3 (Ip)

Topics: Website, World Wide Web, Internet Pages: 3 (835 words) Published: April 19, 2012

This paper will discuss the local business of Fascinations Beauty Salon, and the internet strategic model to help develop this company. This business will have to have a new strategy that set up for the viable benefits. Fascinations Beauty Salon will need to be equipped in order to benefit from creating a website. This paper will also discuss the functions of the business through the internet website. Management Information Systems

Fascinations Beauty Salon has been in business for quite a long time, like fifty years. It is located in the residential area down the street from an Elementary school and a Baptist Church. The owner Mrs. B. has been doing hair for the majority of her life in the same place and she still has plenty of clients. These clients have been her business for quite some time, and she shares her salon with another beautician that only works certain days. Just recently, Mrs. B. had been trying to research into expanding her business services and was asking about having her business on the internet. Mrs. B. had just realized that she wanted to be in the race with her competitors in the Galveston County area. I spoke to Mrs. B. the other day informing her that Fascinations Beauty Salon could expand the products that she sells on a regularly basis and as well as her services. Between the women that work at this place and the students that have been in the business to get a feel, or trained with internships that she should have a website. So that when people want or need some sort of hairstyle or needs a clip or maybe even a product that only she carries that, they could send a quick electronic email out to the business or they could go to her place of business to receive such services and products.

I explained to her that E-commerce is a way that patrons and businesses are getting fast admission to the internet global market. E-commerce is spreading like a wildfire, in the areas of exporting and advertising of manufactured...
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