Management Information System National Library

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Target User7
Current Situation8
Business Processes9
Acquisition Activity9
Cataloguing Activity9
Circulation Activity9
Finance Activity10
Job Hierarchy/Organization11
Assess the IT Infrastructure12
Problem Statement13
Acquisition Activity:13
Cataloguing Activity13
Circulation Activity13
Finance Activity14
Strategies of Information System15
Business Organization15
Business Processes19
Acquisition Module19
Cataloguing Module22
Circulation Module24
Add-on Module28
Challenges of Implementation33
Report Outcome38
Future Enhancement38
Bibliography and Reference40

Librarians today find themselves dealing with collections of ever larger proportions of electronic content. The degree to which that shift has already taken place varies from one type of library to another. Some organizations, especially those involved with specializations in biomedical, scientific, or business, may already handle electronic content almost exclusively. Each component of the collections of academic libraries may vary according to discipline. Public libraries today such as IGS National Library continue to manage printed items manually in very high proportions. In the public library sector, traditional circulation of physical items continues as a key activity.

IGS National Library is a public library for the whole population of Brunei Darussalam running since 1990s. Students and public can acquire the library services from the headquarters in the centre town BSB and three branches from Tutong, Belait and Temburong. Despite major upgrade in terms of its infrastructure and building, the management is looking forward to turn away from the traditional manual system and to embrace a new genre of next generation library system.

At present, It is obviously seen more pressing need to accelerate the pace with which libraries deliver content and services in ways that users will find compelling, relevant, and convenient. The evolution of the web advances relentlessly, and librarians have to work hard to ensure that our offerings stay reasonably competitive among the wares of the many information providers on the web. With increasing overlap and even competition to serve the information needs of library patrons by commercial destinations such as World Wide Web, it seems essential for libraries to offer the most compelling approaches possible for providing access to their valuable resources.

To support the development and implementation of IGS National Library System that supports the day-to-day operations which can able to: * Increased the operational efficiencies of the library staff * To be able to deliver content and services in ways that our users will find compelling, relevant, and convenient * Improve the quality, speed, accuracy and effectiveness of services; get better access to other network and systems * Facilitate wider access to information for the library users * Smooth the progress of wider dissemination of information of information products and services * To facilitate timely, accurate and consolidated information to support day-to-day library operation and management decision making * Support the needs of a large, multiple-branch library system

The scope to support all aspects of the IGS National Library which are: * Acquisition facilitates the selection, ordering, receiving, processing, and invoicing of library items. * Acquisitions supports the following activities, among others * Identifying existing items that require additional copies to satisfy demand of library patrons * Identifying subject categories and formats of items that require additional titles to satisfy demand * Accepting new items requests from patrons, and vendors *...
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