Management Information System for Mental Health Health Center

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1. Explain why the task of philosophy is to search for meaning.

In my opinion, Philosophy was created because many people today are searching for the meaning in their lives. We have a lot of questions like ‘Why I am here? Who am I?, ’ etc. Most of us are seeking for the correct answers on questions on our daily life. The universities or schools enables students to openly explore and learn, but still, it is not enough to fulfil or answer our questions, so that’s why philosophy was created and its main task is to search for the meaning, philosophy can answer our questions in many possible ways.

2. Why is philosophy important to human development and existence?

I think that philosophy is important to human development because it can be served as a guide for us on our daily life because philosophy can fulfil our needs for information and philosophy can enhance our knowledge. I think that if philosophy not exists, cell phones, laptops, and other gadgets also not exists. So that’s why philosophy is important to human development and existence.

Comparative Analysis - Relate Philosophy with the following:

a. Science
They are both trying to find answers about life that’s why philosophy and science are related to each other. I think that science is on fact, while philosophy is based on people's beliefs or ways of thinking. In addition, science has many theories, theories that seeks truths and answers like philosophy.

b. History
I think that history and philosophy are related to each other because both of them seeks for an answer. In philosophy’s side, most of the time we ask many ‘how’ questions like, ‘how it made?’, so that’s why both of them are related to each other. History was created in order for us to visualize about the past, so we may have now knowledge for us to figure out some questions on our life.

c. Mathematics
Like what I said before about science, mathematics and philosophy are related to each other because both of them...
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