Management Information System Chapter1

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Chapter 1
Background of the Study
Computerization of manual process has resulted to efficient data management and information dissemination for the users. This enables the users to easily locate and store information when needed without delay or errors. Proper data management ensures the use of information especially in planning, analyzing trends, performance management and decision-making in an institution. Guidance Office is an institution that process insurmountable data such as records of students, teaching/ non-teaching instructors, and evaluation of instructors, records of dropped students and records of student offenses. Due to confidentiality of records, proper management of data is of its priority. To ensure proper management of data, use of Management Information System must put into consideration.

Management Information System is an integrated set of component or entities that interact to achieve a particulars function, objective or goal. Therefore it is a computer based system that provides information for decisions making on planning, organizing and controlling the operation of the sub-systems in the institution.

Management Information System ensures that an appropriate data is collected from the various sources, processed, and sent further to all the needy destinations. The system is expected to fulfill the information needs of an individual, a group of individuals, the management functionaries: the managers and the top management.

Company Profile

Urdaneta City University (UCU) started as a rewarding concept of Dr. Pedro T. Orata, world-renowned educator and Ramon Magsaysay awarded to establish an education complex that will provide basic education all the way through higher education in a single compound, its humble beginning contrasts its current status as a fast growing and lone local university in the province of Pangasinan. It started maximizing available resources to provide education to knowledge-hungry youth and young adults, believing on the principle of education for all.

Indeed, as the first community college in the Philippines, UCU, formerly known as City Colleges of Urdaneta (CCU) and Urdaneta Community College (UCC) is a concrete and genuine proof of Dr. Orata’s solid expression of his great love, faith and concern for the poor but capable and deserving Filipino Youth who cannot afford collegiate schooling in the cities. Believing that the rural people are entitled to equal opportunities for and access to higher education with those in the cities, he founded the UCC in 1966 with Mayor Amadeo R. Perez Jr. and with the strong support of then Sangguniang Bayan using the proceeds of the 1966 Town fiesta celebration. Noteworthy was the contribution of Dr. Leoncio Ancheta, first Dean of UCC who assisted Dr. Orate in laying the groundwork for the College’s formal operations. As an archetypal of the community colleges of United States of America, the College started with an enrolment of one hundred forty-four (144) students, who came from the rural areas. Apparently, most of the first students earned their way through college by driving tricycles before and after classes, working in the farms, serving as part-time maids and salesladies.

The College commenced its operation with the provisional permit to open a two-year General Education course granted by the Secretary of Education on February 4, 1966. The Secretary further approved the program for Non-formal Education; hence, short-term courses in agriculture and retails business for adults were also offered to assist them in enhancing their earning capabilities.

After two years, the first batch of General Education, 84 members, graduated. This paved the way to the opening of a four-year Education program which was granted in 1968.
Adhering to the philosophy of keeping pace with the changing needs in the academe, UCC offered degrees in Nursing in 1975, Commerce and Accountancy and Computer education in...
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