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  • Published : April 21, 2012
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American InterContinental University|
Case study questions
Unit 5 individual project|

Nathalie Dasque 4/21/2012

In this paper I will be answering the case study questions that involve; when antivirus cripples your computer, how secure is the cloud, are electronic records a cure for health care and also a tale of two IS project. Surprisingly about 90% of computers are completed infected with spyware, which make it the most common problem for most technical support staffs. That includes that major software companies. When spyware happen to become present on the computer, act as soon as possible to remove the problem and get the computer back in top condition. Cloud computing covers a lot of areas, cloud computing approach to IT where many users get information to shared computing resources, rather than each having their own dedicated servers. The lack of computer automation in the U.S health care system is appalling, electronic records have multiple benefits, they ensure that patients have coverage, and also explain exactly what is covered and what if the patient have a deductible, it explains it. In the next passage I will be answering the case study questions regarding the information provided.

Case study questions
When antivirus software cripples your computers
1. What management, organization, and technology factors have been responsible for McAfee’s software problems? 2. What was the business impact of this software problem, both for MacAfee and for its customers? 3. If you were a MacAfee enterprise customer, would you consider MacAfee’s response to the problem is acceptable? Why or why not? 4. What should McAfee do in the future to avoid similar problems? How secure is the cloud?

1. What security and control problems are described in this case? 2. What people, organization, and technology factors contribute to these questions? 3. How secure is cloud computing? Explain your answer.

4. If you were in...
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