Management Information System

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  • Published: May 20, 2013
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Chapter: 3
Information Systems, Organizations, and Strategy
* Identify and describe important features of organizations that managers need to know about in order to build and use information systems successfully. * Evaluate the impact of information systems on organizations. * Demonstrate how Porter’s competitive forces model and the value chain model help businesses use information systems for competitive advantage. * Demonstrate how information systems help businesses use synergies, core competencies, and network-based strategies to achieve competitive advantage. * Assess the challenges posed by strategic information systems and management solutions Will the New US Airways Be Able to Fly?

* Problem: Intense competition and environmental changes. * Solutions: Revising business processes and integrating them with information systems and culture could increase sales and reduce costs. * Selecting appropriate systems and technology eliminates redundant systems. * Demonstrates IT’s role in supporting improved business processes. * Illustrates the benefits of integrating information systems in the face of interdependence of environment, culture, process, strategy, and systems. Organizations and Information Systems

* Information technology and organizations influence one another * Complex relationship influenced by organization’s structure, business processes, politics, culture, environment, and management decisions The Two-Way Relationship between Organizations and Information Technology This complex two-way relationship is mediated by many factors, not the least of which are the decisions made—or not made—by managers. Other factors mediating the relationship include the organizational culture, structure, politics, business processes, and environment.

* What is an organization?
* Technical definition:
* Stable, formal social structure that takes resources from environment and...
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