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Topics: Linear regression, Regression analysis, Electronic Data Interchange Pages: 4 (511 words) Published: March 22, 2011
ACC304 Management Information Exam Review

1. Identify the different types of systems used for the different levels of management in a business. Textbook Page Reference:71-75

2. Identify and describe at least four business benefits of collaboration? Which do you feel is the most important and why? Textbook Page Reference:82-83

3. Discuss the impact of the Internet on the competitive forces model. Textbook Page Reference:112-113

4. Discuss the role of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) in the strategy of the large retailer WalMart (similar to Big-C), and how it is used to align IT with Business Objectives.

Textbook Page Reference:107- 108, 349

5. List and describe the three main categories of electronic commerce. Which do you think is ultimately the most valuable to the individual consumer? Support your answer.

Textbook Page Reference:339

6. Blogs, wikis, and social networking sites were designed for individuals to communicate with each other. What uses do businesses have for these tools? Give specific examples.

Textbook Page Reference:240-241

7. Also, what is the significance of the critical path? Why is it useful to know the critical path? What is the critical path of the PERT/CPM diagram below? [pic]
Reference: Page 429; Class 8 Slides – Project Management;

8. Using the Data below, calculate a 3 month moving average forecast.

|PERIOD |MONTH |DEMAND |FoForecast? | |1 |Jan |37 | | |2 |Feb |40 | | |3 |Mar |41 | | |4 |Apr |37 | | |5 |May |45 |...
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