Management Info System Case Study

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  • Published : July 15, 2007
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Shafin Hossain Management Info System 11/01/062217-402-04 Fall 06
Case Study
The SyberWorks Training Center Suite provides an end-to-end training management solution for training companies offering all types of e-Learning and traditional classroom based training. They need a MIS program in place. Customer Profile:

Founded in 1997, Information Mapping Inc. is a privately-held, international organization delivering Information Lifecycle Solutions through its three divisions: Information Mapping, Learning Programs, Professional Services, and Technology Solutions. Information Mapping is represented in over 30 countries servicing the international community in many languages. The Learning Programs division offers a variety of classroom workshops, publications to support workshops, and e-Learning programs to help individuals and organizations develop high-quality communications and documentation. Their management information system delivers four online courses: The Information Mapping Starter Kit, Developing Business and Technical Communication, Making Web Content Work, and Making E-mail Work. They also run traditional classroom workshop that are help in public locations or privately at client site. Information Mapping employs a staff of full-time instructors, and more than twenty contract instructors. The Problem:

The management information system Programs division was using one of the leading, tier-one e-Learning solution providers to do online instructor-led training, but the system had the following drawbacks: •Companies, organizations, or individuals could only register online, but could not pay for their training online via a learning management system (LMS) integrated with an e-commerce mechanism. •3 to 4 different spreadsheets on various managers' computers were being used to manage instructors, seminar logistical information, and materials fulfillment for Information Mapping's training business. •Managing...
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