Management in Customer Service

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Andrew Webber
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Management in Customer Service
When it comes to the performance of any company or organization involved in the sale of goods through retail, superior customer service is top priority. In a world where consumer emotions and concerns may sway at an instant of dissatisfaction, it is essential for every business to incorporate a robust presence of customer service in both training and every day aspect of the business to create consistency and consuetude. Management must insure and display that customer service is one of the central foundations for success, primarily when involving direct interaction with customers and consumers. Without a true consumer relationship, a bond or trust between the buyer and the business cannot build and consumers will simply take their business elsewhere- to a company they can trust will meet their expectations. Customer loyalty is key in keeping current, and expanding future business consumers. It is therefore critical for management to have vision, leadership and a commanding role in customer service in their environment to achieve success. It is safe to say, most individuals have encountered bad customer service and been neglected in some way or another at least once. Issues such as long waiting times, incorrect billing issues, and rude customer service representative are some problems consumers in direct contact with the service encounter. Going to a business with the intent to spend money and not receiving what is paid for can often times be the reason customers leave dissatisfied, never to return and spreading a bad reputation about their experience along the way (whether online or through word of mouth). This is often seen in corporations that value money first rather than the customer’s satisfaction however this may not always be the case. Some corporations simply lack instilling the importance of a consumer relationship within the foundations of their...
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