Management in Business Administration in Hospitality

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Management in Business Administration in Hospitality

By | April 2011
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Ealing Hammersmith & West London College

Management in Business Administration


Hospitality (Condensed Course June 2010)

MARKETING PLAN of the Thistle Hotel Heathrow

Faculty: Mr. John Twomey

Student: Ajay Dsouza


Executive Summary
The following report of marketing in hospitality conducts a detail research and analysis of the marketing strategies of the Thistle Heathrow Hotel. [pic]

Thistle London Heathrow Airport Hotel
Bath Road, Longford
West Drayton UB7 0EQ
Phone: 0871 376 9021 / +44 845 305 8321
The Thistle London Heathrow airport hotel is a hotel located near terminal 4 provided by an Free shuttle from the terminal 5 to the hotel building, which makes it a unique hotel within itself. It is a old building with soundproof glass windows all over the hotel and rooms. The Thistle London Heathrow airport hotel has 20 meeting rooms the only hotel at the Heathrow terminal 5 to have maximum number. It has 3 restaurants and a bar with 24 hours room service. A luxurious living well health club makes it a perfect place to work and stay. Definition of Marketing Audit:

The periodic, orderly, objective review, analysis and evaluation of an organisation's marketing structure, goals, strategies, action plans, performance and results. babylon ltd. (2009). defenition marketing audit. Available: Last accessed 16 march 2009 What is marketing audit?

Marketing audit is a detailed process of analysing the internal and external marketing environment, goals, objectives and efficiency of a establishment with respect to the changing market. The audit is conducted at various stages of the plan implementation which helps in deriving a detailed review and improving strategic decision making. A marketing audit does exactly what it says. If your marketing operations are in line with your business objectives, and fit well within your corporate capabilities, you will benefit from...