Management Future: Water Management

Topics: Water resources, Water supply, Water crisis Pages: 14 (4464 words) Published: November 25, 2010
Corporate water management:
Risk for corporations - Opportunity for consultancy services

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Executive summary:
Water scarcity will be a vital resource for business in the future. In a report in 2008, it is indicated that water imports to UK accounted for 62% virtual water consumption [ (Chapagain & Stuart, 2008) ]. It is predicted that the usage of water in agriculture will rise 30% in 2025 [ (Black, 2010) ] and water availability per capita has reduced by 5 times compare to statistic in 1950 [ (UNDP) ]. In correlation with the decrease in water supply, there has been significant increase in social concerns and customer attitudes toward environmental problems [ (Top of Mind Survey, 2010) ]. The water impacts on individuals, corporations, and communities have been realized and increasingly concern about over the same period. Water footprints, water supply-managements are identifiable practices which are introduced for public and private sectors [ (WWF, 2009; IBM, 2008) ]. However, despite the impacts of water issues, the business responses to the problems have been considerably weak [ (Barton, 2010) ]. At the same time, consultancy market has been indicated as a potential field of investment (Appendix 4). Triangulation of trends data suggests a potential market for consultancy service of water management. The article highlighted the business opportunities and profitability that it could bring which include: better knowledge of water supply chain to reduce environmental impact which is an essential value for business, understanding of water footprints practices hence improving CSR. It also proposed the main competitive advantages as low capital requirements and uniqueness of the services. However, it is predicted to have a reducing market share for the future. Low barrier of entries and the shortage in human-resource might be the main pressures. In order to examine this business opportunities, different sets of strategic and market analytical frameworks have been exercised aligning with discussion throughout the article.

1 - Introduction:4
2 – Methodology4
3 – Trends data related to Water management5
3.1 - Water – a scarce resource5
3.2 – Escalating concern for social responsibility7
4 – Connections between trends8
5 – Future prediction8
5.1 - Water scarcity – a worsening trend8
5.2 - Demand for CSR trend10
6 – Opportunity evaluation and justification 11
7 – Conclusion12
Appendix 1: Water stress map and Population density16
Appendix 2: Water and Water footprint17
Appendix 3: Opinion survey on climate changes (ONS, 2010)18
Appendix 4: Business Opportunity analysis20

1 - Introduction:
Companies have been focused on “green washing” their images with environmental activities concern with fossil fuels, emission, carbon footprints, etc. But another major subject has been long omitted in this area however is water and water usage throughout the supply chain of the business. It is critical to understand that consumptions of goods and services play tremendous role in water preservation on a global scale [ (Ercin, Aldaya, & Hoekstra, 2009) ]. For the equality and sustainability in the future growth, better knowledge and insights to water management are required for businesses in order to achieve its CSR goals. Environmental consultancy services and business advisories, with timely response can play a proactive part in encouraging, promoting, and providing water management services for businesses in the near future. The service will focus on aligning economic growth of sustainability with water preservation and other...
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