Management Function

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ManagemenDeep Analysis of Management in an Organization
All organizations depend on group efforts. Teamwork and group action have become necessary in every day of life, and it will lead to the success in group efforts. The management will be very important to the groups because it can helps to achieve group goals, provides maximum resources to his or her team, minimizes the cost, establishes sound organization, and generates more welfare to his or her team. Management functions, manager’s skills, management control and strategic management process will be analyzed to define how an excellent manager should be.

Four Management Functions
The four management functions comprise the primary functions to the managers. These four functions which are planning, organizing, leading and controlling can be used in all fields of management, be it at a factory, a super market, a restaurant or even at home.

Managers need to perform the planning function to define goals, establish strategies to achieve these goals and develop sub plans to coordinate activities for his or her team members. For example, as a merchandising manager in the supermarket chain business, the manager needs to define what the target customers like Western people, South East Asia people or East Asians the supermarkets want to attract. After define the goals are attract more and more Asian-Canadian families, the manager need to establish strategies like bringing Asian-Canadian families fresh foods and introducing the diversity of Asian food culture at stores that offer exceptional convenience, service, and value to those Asian customers. Then, lots of sub plans like which kind of merchandises should be imported and the merchandises’ price setting strategies will be developed by the manager and pass to different buyers to follow up.

Managers need to arrange job duties to his or her team members to achieve the organization’s goal. The managers will determine what tasks should be done, who will responsible for the task and how the tasks are to be grouped. For example, as the merchandising manager in the supermarket chain business, the manager needs to organize his or her team to different group and each group will in charge of different merchandises by categories like drink, snack, rice oil and noodles. After different teams have been organized, each team’s supervisor will be selected by the merchandising manager. The buyers will report to their supervisors and the supervisors will report to the merchandising manager.

Managers need to lead their team members to achieve the organizations’ goals. The leading function will require the managers to provide good communication skills and lead ship skills to resolve the behavior issues. As the merchandising manager in the supermarket chain business, some conflicts will be appeared with different buyers. Buyers will provide some products that buyers want to promote to be the promotion products in each week’s flyer, due to the limited space of the flyer, not all the products will be selected to be the promotion products by merchandising manager. The manager will use the communication skills and lead ship skills to let the buyers know why their products cannot be selected and what they should improve next time.

The last management function is controlling. Managers need to evaluate and monitor employees’ performance and make sure every step is correct to achieve the goals. As the merchandising manager, the merchandises’ sales are the key performance index to evaluate buyers’ performance. Usually, merchandising manager will use category sales to evaluate each team’s performance and total stores sales’ growth percentage to evaluate the whole department’s performance. Skills Required by Managers

Technical skills, human skills and conceptual skills are three most important skills required by managers. Though these three skills, managers can know more about the specified filed...
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