Management Follies

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  • Published : April 22, 2011
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Management Follies
Linda Lee
Case Analysis Assignment, Chapter 3
Managerial Leadership MGNT 5670
Mr. Tyron A. Woodard
February 01, 2010

Management Follies
The proper placement of managers within corporations is extremely important to the success of organizations. If a manager is promoted and given a positon before their time, it could lead to disaster. For example, Rich Parr of Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) was an excellent lower level manager. He had a leadership style which focused on closely managing employees in order to get them to work effectively. The day to day operations were very standard with very few deviations. When Ed Carlton, manager of the design department retired Parr was promoted to the position of design manager and gladly accepted the challenge. Although he was successful in the role of production management, he did not perform well as a design manager. To assess what went wrong, we will look at his leadership style and determine the style required to excel in each department, ways to improve his performance, and determine continuum and path-goal leadership styles he should adopt to be successful.

Rick Parr is a task oriented leader. His usual way of getting employees to complete tasks given to them is to be direct and issue guidelines. As he transitioned to the manager of the design department, so did his leadership style. His duties were to work with highly skilled engineers who were used to working independently. The problem was, he had no prior work experience in design or design management and he felt employees should to do things his way regardless of the years of experience and abilities each employee possessed. Ultimately, there was backlash from designers complaining that Parr did not have a clear understanding of what their job entailed. This created friction within the department between Parr and engineers which led to poor performances in the department. So, what type of leadership style could Parr use...
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