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Topics: Decision making, Decision theory, Mission statement Pages: 3 (886 words) Published: June 11, 2011
1. A decision is a choice made between two or more alternatives.

2. A significant decision can have a large impact on the management system itself as well as the manager who makes them. Insignificant decisions affect only a small number of company members, costing very little to carry out and producing only a short term effect on the company.

3. Night club managers would have to make programmed and non-programmed decisions while working. Traditionally they would make decisions out of habit, clerical routine which deals with standard operating procedures. Organizational structure decisions dealing with common expectations, a system of sub goals and well defined information channels. Modern approaches would be operations research including mathematical analysis models and computer stimulation as well as electronic data processing. Programmed decisions typically don’t require as much time or effort as non programmed do. Non programmed decisions use judgment, intuition, creativity, rules of thumb and the selection and training of executives. Modern approaches use heuristic problem solving techniques which apply to training human decision makers and constructing heuristic computer programs.

4. Consensus decision making uses people getting into a group to arrive at a particular decision. Typically it is used when senior level management has incomplete data and unstated biases. Using employees closest to the situation which is often in the best position to weight alternatives and contribute input that will affect the decision.

5. Consensus decision making is not used more often because it often uses too much time consuming discussions relating to the decision which can be costly to the company.

6. Receptive orientation, exploitative, hoarding and marketing orientation decision makers are weak. Receptive orientation decision makers rely heavily on suggestions from other decision makers because they basically want other people to make...
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